Who We Are

A design team that will provide you with a richly stimulating home environment and aesthetically pleasing design that will inspire a renewed decorating sense.

By starting with the furniture you already own and love, our Stylist and Redesigner, Abby Humphreys, will transform your living space. After she presents the proposal and plan, she will utilize your décor, then provide shopping services where needed and perform a transformation day to bring it all together. Our furniture designer, William Humphreys, can produce specific pieces that will fit your individualized style for the ideal space in your home.

Redesign with Style

Teach & Inspire you to appreciate your innate style and design.

Individualized for You

Together, identify and refine your individual style through research.

Enjoy the Process

Rediscover the enjoyment that can come from personalizing your home.

Reinvent Décor

Use the décor you own to redesign your space.

Built to Last

Incorporate home built, heirloom quality furniture and décor.

Designed for You

Design and build furniture with your exact style in mind.

Our Team

Stylist & Redesigner


Furniture Designer





In Home Consultations

Walk through desired redesign area of your home, discuss your wish list, as well as how the home functions for the family.

Color Consultation

Walk through your home and choose paint colors, textiles, flooring, countertops, etc. to transform the overall design.

Estimates & Proposals

Written estimate for desired redesign job. Proposal will include a detailed list of entire project, with ability to complete in phases depending on budget.

Presentation of Redesign Plan

Meeting to present redesign plan and possible phases. Any changes that need to be made will be discussed.

Sourcing of Accessories & Furniture

Once a plan is in place the shopping will begin using Pinterest and other online aids to narrow down your style. We will work around your décor and incorporate your favorite pieces to drive the design.

Installation of Design Elements

This is when the design comes together! We will bring all purchased décor and have a design day. At the end of Installation your room will be transformed!


Build Furniture Upon Request

Once we’ve decided on a redesign plan, we can design and construct furniture or décor that will fit your style and be uniquely yours.


Complimentary Consultation


30 minute consultation to discuss redesign process.

Redesign Consultation


2-3 hour walk through consultation including detailed proposal.

Color Consultation


2-3 hour walk through consultation including detailed proposal.

Home Sourcing


per hour

Find the perfect pieces needed to complete design.



per hour

Installation of all items during Design Day.

Furniture Pricing


Furniture priced per item.

Contact us to schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation